• User Registration

    Please take a moment and complete the new user registration form.

    Please make sure all your information is completely filled out, you agree to the terms of use and then submit your user request.

    You will receive an email confirmation letting you know that your request was received and then a follow up email once you have been approved.

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  • Once Inside

    After logging into Comp Adjusted you will immediately be taken to the claim information page.

    By entering in the patients claim number with no special characters or spaces the claim will appear.

    If you are the permanent adjuster or Nurse case manager you can assign yourself to the claim so when you log in again the claim will appear under the My Claims tab.

  • Account Information

    Once inside a claim you will immediately be taken to the account information; if it's your first time pulling up this claim please take a moment and verify that we have all the claim information correct.

    At the bottom of the page you will find the patients visit history from November 11th, 2013- present and will be able to see the work status and doctors reports from the patient's appointments.

  • Communication

    Within a claim you can communicate directly with our office staff if you have questions or are unable to find the documentation you are looking for. You can also see the patient's next appointment and any notes from our staff.

    If you need to request for an appointment use the appointment request tab, select the doctor and the body part/service. Also include an authorization if the patient has not visited in our clinic within the last 3 months or if you are requesting treatment of a new body part or doctor.

  • Notifications

    On the upper right section of the menu tool bar you will see a notification button that will alert you to any notifications on claims assigned to you.