Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pull up the injured workers information that I am looking for?

In the search field enter the claim number without special characters or spaces and the injured workers account will pop up.

If the patient is unable to be pulled up by the claim number, the system will prompt you to send a message to the Work Comp Department or you can always call (310) 665-7233 for assistance.

How do I assign myself as the Adjuster on the account?

When you pull up the account for the first time a pop up will appear asking if you are the primary adjuster or secondary adjuster on the account click your selection. Once you confirm that you are the primary or secondary adjuster on the claim you will no longer need to pull up the claim number when you log in, it will automatically appear under your claims.

Where do I find the office reports and work status?

After you pull up the patients claim it will automatically take you to the Account Information page and you will see the patients visit history with the RU90's and Office Reports at the bottom. Select the document you want and you can view it, print or save it to your desktop.

How will I know if my communication or request was received by someone at Kerlan-Jobe?

Once you send a message or submit a request in the patients account and email will be sent to the Work Comp Department notifying them that action needs to be taken. Upon completion you will be sent an email notification in reference to the account you inquired about.

How do I request a new appointment for an injured worker?

If the injured worker has already been treated at Kerlan-Jobe you can request an appointment by pulling up their account and clicking on the request Appointment Request button. Please submit an authorization with the appointment request to help expedite the process if the patient has not been seen within the last 90 days.

Comp Adjusted only has patient account information November 11th, 2013 to present how to I obtain past medical reports and account information?

You can request information on past DOS through the communication screen in the patients account or you can call the Work Comp Department (310) 665-7233 and request the information you are looking for.

How do upload files into a patient account?

Once inside the claim you can click on the Communication tab, by clicking on the Browse button you can search you your computer for the document you want and then click Upload.

How often does my password need to be changed?

Passwords must be changed every 90 days, you will receive an email after 80 days to notify you to change your password.

How do I update my profile and contact information?

By clicking User on the main menu bar you can select the profile option to update your information. After you have made changes click on the Update button and your information will be stored.